Setup Instructions:

  1. Visit (URL) and click on ‘Apply Now’ to begin the process
  2. Click ‘Connect’. Follow the steps to connect your Xero account to Retail Capital Via Xero. 
  3. Once connected, your invoices and payments are retrieved from your Xero profile. We do not have access to your financial data, however the system interprets the information and an offer is calculated and presented to you.
  4. The integration is now complete. To apply, select the amount you require and the term of your advance.
  5. Review your details and the terms of the contract and confirm.
  6. An account will be created for you, linked to Xero so that we may track your advance repayments.
  7. When your account is created, you are able to name the account on the Xero platform and link a new or existing expense account to your Retail Capital advance.

Support Documentation:

The integration is used to fetch your Xero data during sign up. The debit orders, that run to pay down the advance, are automatically written into the account specified during the sign-up process. This commences as soon as you start the sign-up process.

The integration will be fully configured when the sign-up process is complete. You may disconnect the integration from your Xero profile at any time. You can reconnect via a ‘Reconnect’ button on your portal. A link to your portal is provided via email upon sign up. If you do not receive this email. Please check your junk mail. Note that disconnecting from Retail Capital will disable the posting of payments.