What’s Cooking, Tito?

Retail Capital

On 19 February, as Tito Mboweni cooks up his 2021 Budget Speech, and inspired by his love of the kitchen, we delivered a recipe to Parliament featuring 10 key ingredients set to serve 60 million in the new financial year.

While they say too many cooks spoil the broth, we say many hands make light work. Adding a dash of SME support here and a pinch of PPPs (Purchasing Power Parities) there, we’re determined to get SA cooking again by rebuilding our nation’s SMEs and empowering our people.

The Method:

– Non-banks another life line
– Take a seat at the table
– Billions unspent on millions of SMEs
– Take off the commercial hat
– The Big Banks’ catch-22
– Your 30 days is up
– Fast-track taxi regulation
– Time to tech up, Gov
– Payments 2.0: from cash to card
– Too little too late?

Serves 60 million with leftovers to spare. Plate piping hot with a generous side of hope.


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