Unmasked Retail Capital Hero 2022

Unmasking the stories of our country’s entrepreneurs.

On 4 April 2022, in an unassuming virtual assembly, it was announced that it was no longer required to wear masks indoors in public. That was it. There was no flashy event. No celebrations in the street or blowing of vuvuzelas.

We missed out on our unmasking moment, the event that could have drawn a line under this dark period in the history of the globe. At the very least, we should have been allowed a deep breath, a purposeful stride forward, a tip of the hat to those on the frontlines.

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In this eBook, we are looking to unmask and celebrate some of the entrepreneurs who are the driving force behind our beautiful country. 

We look at businesses that have been through the hard times and we unpack the traits of the people who have steered the ship. We look at unmasking stories that reflect the reality of what we have been through together, and we look forward with hope. We look back with the comforting knowledge, and evidence, that you can't keep the South African entrepreneurial spirit down.


A Cultural Craving: How a craving for traditional cultural cuisine put the small guy on the food delivery map

“How do you Africanize the country’s booming food delivery service that offers everything from McDonald’s fast foods to the best seafood in town? It’s simple. You satisfy the nation’s need for a traditional home-cooked meal delivered to your doorstep when the craving hits you.”

– Gcina ‘Fresh’ Ntsonga
Founder of Africanize


Smelling your way to success 

“I promise you you’ll never stink again, guaranteed.”

– Simone Penn
Founder of Smellmaipits 

Karoo Creations

From hoteliers to bedding purveyors, just by adding wool 

“We didn’t know how to use wool, but learnt the ropes and launched, what is now, a thriving business that has a national footprint.” 

– Aubrey Williams from Karoo Creations 


Taking chances and nailing the market 

“Believe in your idea and run with it. You never know – you may just nail it.” 

– Kyle Stevens
Founder of Repriced

Sheila’s Hair Studio

Understanding the customer and being empathetic is at the heart of Sheila’s Hair Studio’s success 

“Sheila’s is a household name. We make people feel important and we care about them – this is part of my and my staff’s approach to business.” 

– Elaine Naidoo
Owner of Sheila’s Hair Studio

La Mode

Kitting out a new business 

“There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a girl walk across the square wearing one of my pieces.” 

– Anna-Marie Schoeman
Owner of La Mode


Putting regenerative agriculture on the map

“Sometimes the purpose behind a business is more important than the business itself.”

– Johan Swarts
Director of GuanoBoost 

Dirty Leather Bags

Strap in for a story about Dirty Leather

‘‘Never underestimate the power of a small spark to ignite a great business idea.’’

– Tony Rickelton
Co-founder of Dirty Leather

Blue Chip Furniture

Distressed office sales the key to unlocking Blue Chip Furniture’s success 

“Spot the opportunity and the cash will follow.” 

– Matthew Amien, Blue Chip Furniture co-founder. 

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