Published: 21 January 2020

Every new year brings with it a sense of excitement. With the turn of a decade, it escalates/intensifies/heightens this feeling to include optimism and renewed positivity at the prospect of a clean slate. A new beginning. Another start. Loads of people have touted 2020 as ‘twenty-plenty’, a year numerically associated with roundness, repetition and fullness and it left its admirers with a sense of magic and expectation of abundance.

Just because it is magic, does not mean it can never be explained, for the purest form of magic often exists in the company of simplicity and surprise.

In a cluttered world, overtaken by noise, effluence and overstimulation the magic can be found in the fundamentals. ‘Sticking to the basics’ does not necessarily mean cutting back, sacrificing on quality or being boring. On the contrary. By stripping away the unnecessary, we are better equipped to focus our attention on what is important. All human beings, especially your customers, seek value. Value however, is not more, it is better:


Instead of sending more emails or sms’s more often, explore where your audience connect with you and provide simple solutions of connecting with them on their preferred platform.


Rather than launching new products and services, optimize your current offering by: making it more inclusive; expanding your range; or making it easier to access on digital platforms.


Know your audience. Dedicate more time to understanding the numbers. Whether it is better Point of Sale (POS) solutions providing you with customer insights or accounting services with enhanced analytical capabilities, understanding your data will provide you with invaluable insights on where to focus your marketing or sales efforts resulting in the best outcome.


When thinking about increasing your footprint through launching more stores / offices, rather invest in a professionally developed online / web network by providing online shopping opportunities or instant support. Rewards and loyalty programmes also go a long way in attracting new clients and retaining your current client base with a pleasant surprise.

(Twenty-)Elementary indeed (my dear Watson). It is the simple things in life that often most surprise us and herein lies the magic. Magic is not at the end of a 2020 rainbow, that would be the pot of gold.

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