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Discussions around embracing renewable energy and sustainability as a South African business owner.

Putting the Power Back In Your Hands

In a time of change and instability as entrepreneurs we are innovators, but are we innovating responsibly? Are we championing sustainability? We’ve gathered industry experts and thought leaders to help power your sustainable future… to put the power back in your hands.

Power Speakers, Power Insights, Power Impact & Power Moves is what the Power Play Video Podcast is all about.

Retail Capital | #PowerPlay Episode 03: Putting the Power in Your Hands

In our third and final Power Play episode, our host Chris Spencer, Retail Capital Brand Manager, sits down with Xavier Louw, GreenSun Managing Director, to discuss how SMEs can gear their business towards a sustainable future through alternative energy solutions.

Retail Capital | #PowerPlay Episode 02: Adopting Resilience and Adaptability as a South African SME

In our second Power Play episode, our host Erin Louw, Retail Capital Executive, sits down with Miguel da Silva, Retail Capital Managing Executive, to discuss business sustainability in the SME sector. They unpack how South African SMEs have learnt to stay resilient in the face of a constantly changing world.

#PowerPlay Episode 01: Embracing SDG & ESG practices for SME Growth

In our first Power Play episode, our host Erin Louw, Retail Capital Executive, sits down with Songo Didiza, Green Building Design Group Founder, to discuss the ways in which SDG and ESG factors can propel sustainable growth for SMEs in South Africa. They also unpack the various government incentives available to South African businesses.

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