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Retail Capital was born on a white napkin at a kitchen table.

That was in 2011. Everyday since then we still draw on white boards and sit around meeting room tables to build the future of funding for small business owners.

We are proudly South African and believe that the future of our country and economy lies at the hands of the SMEs through employment opportunities, job creation and small business development. We believe in South Africa. We believe in the SME sector. We believe in people who believe in themselves.

“Business is the lifeblood of the economy and Small and Medium Businesses are the Growth Engine for the future, employing the most people and growing faster than Large Businesses. It is vital they have the resources and the skills to grow. At Retail Capital, we partner to provide business funding and support services to benefit South Africa.”

Karl Westvig
Retail Capital Founder & CEO

Our calling is to grow the SA economy and create jobs for all by empowering SME Business Owners.

See this? It's so much more than just a logo… This nifty little thing is a gyroscope. From providing navigators before us with stability to steer the course, to being used in modern tech like drone and cellphones, it’s a device that’s stood the test of time. As business owners ourselves, we understand the difficulties of facing the treacherous waters of economic uncertainty while trying to keep an eye on success. Building on the vision of founders Karl Westvig, Stephen Leonard and Dave Lewis, Retail Capital still strives to provide stability and guidance to business owners. This gyroscope is a reminder of our purpose.

Building the
future of funding
for South African

Our Expert Team

  • Karl Westvig

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Miguel da Silva

    Managing Director

  • Tyler Posthumus

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Steve Holyoake

    Chief Risk Officer

  • Erin Louw

    Chief Brand Officer

  • Carlo Stepcic

    Chief Information Officer

  • Thea Olivier

    Chief Operations Officer

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