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We’re here to help you fund your eCommerce business and focus on growth.

Working capital to grow your eCommerce business with payments matching your business turnover. No interest. No hidden costs. No paperwork application.
Achieve eCommerce Success with the
Right Funding Partner

As an eCommerce business, it can be challenging to secure the necessary funding to expand operations or update your inventory. At Retail Capital, we understand the importance of staying competitive in today’s market.

Whether you’re looking to expand your operations, introduce new products or improve your technological infrastructure, our funding solutions can assist with turning your business aspirations into a reality. Don’t let a lack of funds hinder your growth potential. Apply for our business funding today and take the next step in advancing your eCommerce business.

There are many reasons you may need business funding

Inventory and product development

Marketing and advertising

Website and technology development

Fulfillment and logistics

Expansion and growth

Join 50 000+ businesses funded with more than R7 billion worth of funding in just over a decade with Retail Capital.
What you need to submit to get funded

Fast-track your application by linking your bank account through a safe and secure integration provided by TruID. Alternatively, you can upload PDFs of your recent bank statements through our secure portal.

Proof of ownership of the business for at least 6 months

Demonstrated monthly turnover of R50k or higher for 3 months or more

Your business is in good standing

To apply for business funding

We focus on getting your business funding approved. To meet the minimum requirements to apply for business funding you need to have:


R50 000 to R5 million monthly turnover

Turnover history

3 to 6 months continuous turnover (with bank statements)


Business ownership of 6+ months

*Final approval is subject to underwriting and credit checks.

What will I pay back? How will I pay it back?

Our transparent funding structure makes it easy for you to know exactly what your future payments will be.

Because the payment is a percentage of your turnover, the term will adjust accordingly (with no interest or extra cost). Your payment options include whether you want to pay daily or weekly, or if you want the payment fixed, or flexible (matching your turnover). Should you settle early, discounts may apply.

This is a win for you and your business. It takes away the risks and minimises your payment stress.

We’ve funded more than 70 000 South African businesses with over R10 billion over the past decade.

You’re one application away from making your vision a reality.

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