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Industry specific business finance

Business funding tailor-made for your unique business.


Keeping a positive cash flow can be tough, especially in the South African economy. Running an online retail company may seem simple because a lot happens behind the scenes, but we know (and you know) that there are a lot of running costs. And that’s once you’ve got over the hurdle of the set-up costs. From marketing and website builds to stock or shipping, we’re here to help you fund your eCommerce business and focus on growth.

Medical, Health & Wellness

Medical equipment doesn’t come cheap. And it’s not very kind on a small business’s cash flow either. Whether you rent, run a home medical practice or are a healthcare professional, the bills keep coming, even when business is slow. The reality is, growth of your health or wellness practice won’t happen without access to working capital.


Know what we admire about South Africans business owners? Their reputation for resilience, innovation and reinvention. If you run a manufacturing company, there’s no doubt you’re familiar with those traits. Whether furniture, food or fashion, electronic equipment, cables or chemicals, even textiles and telecoms; there’s one thing every small business owner in the manufacturing industry has in common. A desire to be sustainable and profitable. That’s where we can help. With flexible business funding, you can get access to the working capital you need without having to put a stop to your production line.


Being a business owner in South Africa’s car and automotive industry is a responsibility and a challenge. From vehicle body repairs, sound system setups and car washes to panel beating services and refurbishments; safety and quality need to come first. You serve fans, families and fellow entrepreneurs, so why settle for a traditional small business loan when your auto business is anything but traditional? If you want to grow your workshop, your team or invest in the assets that will give you the freedom to focus on the future when it matters most. With us, funding for small businesses to ease your cash flow will always be just 48 hours away.

Home, Office and Supplies

In a time where toddlers join our conference calls and cats sit in on virtual planning meetings, there’s no room for red tape and the T&Cs of traditional bank loans. Many South Africans now consider their home as their office (or do they consider their office their home?). Office supplies and educational equipment are essential but keeping up with the demand for stock often puts a strain on a small business’s cash flow. Access to SMME funding is one way to keep up with your competitors.


Hospitality businesses across South Africa are once again gearing up for growth. As a business owner, you want to take full advantage of opportunities when you see them. We can provide you with the funding required for hiring new staff, purchasing new equipment (e.g. refrigeration equipment) machinery or vehicles or even refurbishment of your premises.

We’ve funded more than 70 000 South African businesses with over R10 billion over the past decade.

You’re one application away from making your vision a reality.

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