Small Business Funding 2.020

Published: 30 January 2020

At the start of a new year we are also, like you, trying to connect with our customers by providing them with valuable content, relevant updates and insightful posts. So here it goes…

Over the past 9 years we have looked at how each client has grown their business, and most importantly, we have partnered with many business owners to create jobs and stimulate the economy.  We find ourselves looking at a new decade and are excited at the prospect of the Future of Business Funding.

In the current economic climate, most SME owners rely on small business funding to grow their business or reach their objectives. It’s tough out there and we know it, and at the risk of sounding cheesy, we commit ourselves to being in your corner:


Often the work-cash balance is less of a balance and more of a flow.  Finding your rhythm can be as easy as forecasting your budget, planning your resources, scheduling your expenses and making sure that your business is set up to fund the gaps in between.


Whether it is pride, stigma or pricing, many business owners still enter the SME funding journey with a fair amount of anxiety and trepidation. It takes courage to step into the ring, but that hesitation may be the only thing standing between you and 10% growth in turnover within 6 months*.


Sometimes the only thing worse than knowing something is bad is not knowing anything at all. With the majority of South African business owners caught in the trap of uncertainty over what our political and economic landscapes holds, they are often left waiting for a sign that the tide will turn before they invest or take the necessary (calculated) risks. When that hiatus continues for a prolonged period, the increased expenses and decreased turnover or customers often results in decreased affordability and closes the tap on business finance and investment opportunities. A growth mindset will go a long way in obtaining small business funding at the right time. This will in turn allow you to ride the wave when the tide turns.


Because funding for small businesses has traditionally been associated with rescuing an SME in need, many business owners are hesitant to share their success stories of how they’ve used SME funding to grow their business. Obtaining investments or business finance is a normal step on the ladder to success, and it is critical to have not only funding but a growth partner.  Once you’ve found your partner, share your story and allow your peers to celebrate your success.

*Growth statistic is an average based on customer data 6 months after receiving funding (2019).