It’s frustrating when you still don’t know what you’re getting into after a whole conversation.

We get it. We’re all about transparency. We don’t do fine print or hidden clauses.

When it comes to funding, we make sure that the process is convenient, and that you understand the terms and conditions – and everything in between. Here are the definitions of many of the terms you’ll come across in communication with us.

A – H

A – H


See Merchant Cash Advance (MCA).

Business funding

Funding for your business. You could apply for business funding for many reasons, all to do with running or expanding your business. We have a whole page dedicated to explaining business funding.


Capital is anything (usually funds) that enables your business to generate more financial assets.


Collateral is an asset (like your property or your car) that a funding provider might require as security for funding. Collateral minimises the risk for the funding provider and is a way of ensuring that an individual or business will fulfil its financial obligation.

(Psst! Retail Capital doesn’t require collateral in our funding application process.)


When we pay your approved funds into your bank account, we disburse those funds to you.

Flexible funding

Flexible funding means that you can tailor your payment term to suit you and your business. Your repayments can fluctuate with your turnover, or you can choose to pay a fixed amount per day, week or month.

Basically, it’s funding on your terms.

I – P

I – P

Merchant cash advance (MCA) or Advance

This is a Retail Capital product that is a funding advance of future revenue your business will make. Essentially, we buy a portion of your business’s future revenue, so you can acquire capital immediately.

Q – Z

Q – Z


If you’ve already been funded by us and you are repaying those funds, and managing your account in a responsible manner, you can apply for a re-advance. This means you can get funded again based on your track record with us.


The daily, weekly or monthly payment that you make to settle your funding. For more information about how this works, go here.

Unrestricted funding

Funding that is approved and disbursed without the funder regulating or restricting how you should use the funds. That means you can spend your funds on whatever your business needs.

Unsecured funding

Unsecured funding does not require security or collateral. Instead of relying on your assets, unsecured funding is approved based on your business’s data-driven creditworthiness and turnover history.

We’ve funded more than 70 000 South African businesses with over R10 billion over the past decade.

You’re one application away from making your vision a reality.

Want to know more about business funding? Read more here.