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Your success fuels
our inspiration

Success stories of local small business owners inspire us to continue paving the way for the future of funding in the SME sector.

Africanize - Retail Capital

Africanize Funding Journey

Born from a desire to bring home-cooked, culturally authentic food to the city, Africanize is on a mission to bring small-scale kitchens to the formal market. With access to Working Capital, they were able to bridge the gap and take their business to the next level!

GreenSun partnered with Retail Capital

GreenSun Funding Journey

As a pioneer in the renewable energy industry, GreenSun partnered with Retail Capital to assist them with bridging finance to meet the demands, and overcome the challenges, of their growing business.

We’ve funded more than 70 000 South African businesses with over R10 billion over the past decade.

You’re one application away from making your vision a reality.

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