Introducing Your eCommerce #GamePlan

Published: 18 September 2020

A practical guide for gearing your business for eCommerce growth.

The digital age has rapidly accelerated, as COVID-19 and the various ensuing Lockdowns swept the country and indeed the world, businesses were forced to sink or swim; to go digital, immediately, or drown. This meant a great and sudden shift to eCommerce setups, albeit maybe not the most flawlessly executed, as everyone hopped on the virtual bandwagon to escape to higher ground in hope that the COVID tsunami would not wipe out everything they had worked so hard to build.

That said, as a business owner, eCommerce is hardly a new concept. In South Africa alone, the signs of a new digital era of retail have been written on the walls of our economy for some time. There are currently 21.9 million South Africans shopping online, with R62 billion in revenue forecasted for 2020, and with COVID-19 considered, these figures are expected to rise by 10% for the next four years. *Source: Statista (Forecast adjusted for expected impact of COVID-19) August 2020. 

With the ever increasing competition online and the need for businesses to adapt or be left behind, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. The only reliable solution that wins time and time again is putting the work in to understand each component of running, streamlining and growing an online business, from tech to logistics, and once you’ve got the magic formula for your product & industry, invest in reaching and nurturing your target audience.

In this eCommerce Game Plan we highlight 10 key considerations, whether you are fairly new to the digital world, or are an industry stalwart looking for a refreshed perspective post lockdown. We’ve also included insights from local eCommerce #GameChangers who are disrupting their industry with eCommerce innovation.