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A journey of struggle and survival to overcome lockdown as a business owner in South Africa. Featuring a documentary-style account of Lockdown in South Africa, stories of hope from local business owners, and key insights into what the future holds.

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Some SME Green Shoots Among The Thorns: One Year On And There Are Signs Of Life

It’s one year on from the start of South Africa’s hard lockdown, which closed every business except those in essential…

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Why We Love Funding Small Businesses

We have a soft spot in our heart for entrepreneurs. Starting a business is a labour of love. It is…

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Is Your Data Safe?

Data;  2019’s buzzword. Coined ‘the new oil’. Touted as ‘the way of the future’. “Without big data, you are blind…

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The Evolution of Entrepreneurship

Starting a business is exhilarating. It is the first step in a long journey of evolution called entrepreneurship. For most…

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