Industry-Specific Business Funding Uses

Published: 11 January 2023

What is the importance of Industry-Specific Business Funding? It’s no secret that no two businesses are the same. Therefore, there is no funding option that would meet the needs of every business equally. When a business receives Industry-Specific Funding, they are able to cover the right expenses when they need to  –  addressing their unique needs in their particular industry, and ultimately paving the way for a successful future. 

From revamps that add huge advantages and increase turnover to purchasing equipment that contributes to output and meets demand – Retail Capital is proud to offer tailor-made business funding for industries that make up South Africa’s growing economy. 


To the average person, running an eCommerce business may seem simple. No brick-and-mortar store, little to no staff –  right? We know, and you know, that there are a lot of hidden running costs involved. From marketing and website upkeep to stock and shipping – we’re here to assist with Industry-Specific Funding, so you can tackle your finances head-on and focus on growth.

Medical, Health & Wellness

The cost and maintenance of medical equipment are not easy on the pocket or on small business cash flow. Whether you run a small medical practice or an at-home wellness clinic, if you have an influx of clients or are uncharacteristically slow – the bills keep piling up. This not only makes it difficult to scale but to make ends meet. We understand the nuances of different industries and the challenges they face, which is why our Industry-Specific Funding is tailored to your unique situation, allowing you to address them and grow.


In today’s economy innovation and reinvention is the name of the game. Whichever realm of manufacturing you are in – be it furniture, food, fashion, electric, chemicals, or textile – we’re here to help your ideas become a reality and help your business be more profitable and sustainable. Our flexible business funding gets you access to the working capital you need, without having to put a stop to your production line.


Being a business owner in South Africa’s car and automotive industry means a lot more than most people are aware of. Whether it’s vehicle body repairs, sound system setups, car washes, panel beating services, or refurbishments – safety and quality always come first. Retail Capital’s Industry-Specific Business Funding will help you with direct funds to invest in your team and assets – so if it’s extra staff for the busy periods or more stock to avoid wait time, you can continue investing in the safety of South Africans.

Home, Office and Supplies

The year is 2023. Say hello to the new normal of Zoom backgrounds, cats in conference calls, and repurposing space in your home for your new ‘WFH Office’. With many South African professionals who work from home reporting that they feel more motivated, productive, and satisfied than before (Michael Page) – fully remote or hybrid working situations are the future. As a small business, office supplies and educational equipment are essential but can put a significant strain on your cash flow. Retail Capital’s business funding is designed to keep your business in the game and catapult your journey to success.

Apply For Funding

So you’re ready to take the next step in the growth of your business? Here’s all you need to apply for funding from Retail Capital.*


A monthly turnover of R50,000 to R5 million.

Turnover History

3 to 6 months of continuous turnover (with bank statements)


Business ownership of 6+ months.

*Business documentation will be requested.