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Flex is an innovative business enablement platform designed exclusively for South African entrepreneurs and business owners with a focus on promoting financial inclusion. As a digital community-based hub, Flex empowers its members with business-essential resources and tools aimed at enhancing business literacy, thereby increasing accessibility to capital and business funding.

This platform is an invaluable asset for those seeking to stay on top of small business trends, subscribe to industry-leading technology, deepen their networks and expand into new growth opportunities while tapping into funding solutions. At the heart of Flex is a dynamic social community that fosters connections among fellow founders.

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Future-focused Events

Stay ahead of the curve with Flex's monthly industry-specific events, offering exclusive access to webinars, workshops and hybrid events that cater to the unique needs of South African business owners.


Connect with a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, building relationships and expand your professional network through targeted networking opportunities tailored for founders.

Resource Hub

Access a wealth of knowledge and tools via the Flex Resource Hub, designed to support entrepreneurs with valuable insights, best practices and cutting-edge business strategies for growth.


Benefit from the experience of seasoned business leaders through Flex's Mentorship Programme, providing personalised guidance and support to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape successfully.

Financial Education

Elevate your financial know-how with access to content geared at equipping you with the knowledge needed to maximise your business growth and profitability.


Gain access to a structured pathway to get your business funding ready and apply for unrestricted growth capital for your business.

Dedicated spaces to connect, learn & grow

Within the Flex ecosystem you’ll have access to join dedicated spaces tailored to your unique needs.


As a business owner in South Africa, Foundrr is your space to connect with fellow founders, share experiences, challenges and successes. This is your space to interact, connect and grow together.


Join a dedicated space tailored for Female Founders. Xena serves the fempreneurs who want to leave a legacy and empower their future. Join conversations and events geared towards the unique needs of female entrepreneurs in South Africa.

Flex Funding

With a dedicated space geared towards financial literacy and getting your business the funding it needs to grow, the Flex Funding space is available to all Flex members.


Flex offers a dedicated space where you can list your business and promote your service offering to thousands of Flex members. This is your marketplace to share what your business offers with the Flex community and support fellow founders.

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