Final chance for runners to qualify for Tokyo

Retail Capital


PRESS RELEASE: Athletes aspiring to race in the 2021 Tokyo Marathon have one final opportunity to qualify before the end of the month, in a special qualifying race that will see already qualified elite athletes partake to set the pace around the world class course in Cape Town.

Under normal circumstances, African runners have very few opportunities to qualify for an Olympic Marathon. Other regions have had to take extraordinary measures for athletes in those regions to qualify, including the UK, Italy, Denmark and the US. Chris Bruwer, his team from Langa Running Club, Western Province Athletics president Jakes Jacobs and sponsor Retail Capital have worked together to ensure that an Olympic Marathon qualifying event goes ahead on May 30. The Retail Capital Langa Marathon Challenge takes place at the Killarney International Raceway. With the qualifying time for women set at 2:29:30 and for men set at 2:11:30, the event organisers call on elitelevel runners and running clubs to partake and attempt to give Africa a fair showing at the Olympics.

Retail Capital CEO Karl Westvig said: “Our vision as a business is to support small businesses to succeed against the odds and so to be part of a club aiming to support African athletes to strive for Olympic qualification against the odds was an easy fit. We wish all the athletes the best of luck.”

Top runners will be taking part and will set a challenging pace for the hopefuls. These include Elroy Galant, who has already qualified. One runner looking to add her name to the African qualifier’s list is Zimbabwean runner Fortunate Chidzivo.

Only 50 runners including the pacers will be allowed to enter. Entries close on Friday May 21.


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