The Best Business Funding For Growth & Going Forward

Published: 30 May 2019

Making the decision to grow our scale your business is a big decision and often not taken lightly. Neither is the decision to take funding. The risks associated with accessing business financial aid lines and the direct impact it has on your cashflow is often the obstacle that paralyse most business owners. For most, the perceived reward does not justify the inescapable cost.

Traditional business financing products has led to the stifled enthusiasm of many entrepreneurs. With long assessment and underwriting times, onerous paperwork and pdf uploads and the thought of collateralising the assets you have (if any) often only results in business funding solutions designed for low-to-no risk investments. In the world of SMEs, that scenario is a unicorn and probably only suited to established businesses.

With the rise of the tech revolution in the financing and lending space business owners find themselves with more options than ever.


In the early stages of any business or growth venture the main focus is on investing in profit generating initiatives without negatively affecting the working capital and day-to-day cashflow. Quick access to smaller amounts allows for quick payment and when investments result in increased revenue growth and turnover, it secures an increased business funding line for the future.


The next step when exploring longer-term business funding solutions often takes the form of secured asset finance products. Although the offering is restricted to specific assets of value, when investing in products with long-term warranties, the impact on operating capital is less and it allows for the business owner the option to own, instead of long-term rentals where there is no value being created.


Unsecured and unrestricted business funding give business owners the opportunity to invest where they think they can create the biggest return. Whether you invest in purchasing a new premises, buying stock in large amounts or running digital campaigns, these initiatives no longer need to suppress your working capital, putting your daily operations and business expenses under pressure. Well-structured business funding products can provide the business with the support it needs to sustain their cash flow while they grow.


Scaling your business means creating an environment to enable and support sustainable growth in your business. It means having the ability to be agile in your ability to grow without being hampered. With careful planning and flexible business funding invested in the right systems, processes, technology and partners, it will put you on the right track to continued success. Being able to rinse and repeat your business success is where the true opportunity for growth lies.

Accessing and managing the finances for your business is a very personal process, as it should be. Having, however, the opportunity to consult with business specialists through a facilitated process can provide each business owner with valuable insights in funding opportunities as well as market movements and can be a deal breaker in creating value.