Empowering Female Founders Through Community, Connection & Capital

Published: 17 August 2023

At Retail Capital, we are passionate about supporting SMEs in South Africa to thrive and reach their full potential. That’s why we are excited to introduce you to Xena, a vibrant and free community dedicated to empowering South African Female Founders, Female-Led Businesses, Mentors, and Leaders. What started as a small collective of 120 members, in October 2021, is now made up of 22 000+ remarkable women. Anam Dweba, Retail Capital Data Analyst, is in awe of what the community has achieved and celebrates that “this community is not just made up of entrepreneurs but of a sisterhood who are united by a shared purpose and the unwavering belief that we can achieve greatness together.”

Xena shares our belief that every Fempreneur should have access to the right tools, services, and mentorship to excel in business. As a platform that values diversity and inclusion, Xena focuses on fostering a supportive ecosystem for female entrepreneurs to grow and prosper. As Khutso Mokono, Xena Data and Community Analyst says “These resources ultimately plant seeds of success along their entrepreneurial path. The platform is a constant source of inspiration and energising encouragement, crucial for female entrepreneurs who often find themselves juggling multiple roles in their lives.”

When you join Xena, you’ll gain access to a wealth of resources carefully designed to accelerate your business growth:


  1. Networking: Connect with a vast community of like-minded female entrepreneurs, expanding your network and forming valuable partnerships.


  1. Weekly Content: Stay informed and inspired with Xena’s weekly blogs, articles, and learning materials, designed to keep you ahead of the curve.


  1. Power Room Group Mentorship: Engage in Xena’s weekly Friday morning mentorship sessions, where experienced leaders offer invaluable insights to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey.


  1. Resource Hub: Access Xena’s Resource Hub, brimming with inspirational content and learning materials to fuel your growth and development.


  1. Marketplace: Showcase your goods and services on Xena’s marketplace, increasing your visibility and reaching a broader audience.


Retail Capital proudly supports Xena’s commitment to empowering female entrepreneurs through their exceptional live events. With over 75 events hosted in the past 24 months, featuring expert speakers, Xena provides you with valuable opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed in your business. 

And this is only the beginning. Our long-term vision is to expand the network further. We aim to bring in larger partners, investors, and sponsors, thereby giving female founders access to a wider business ecosystem. Our app is not just about survival – it’s about celebrating growth and success in the face of adversity. We remain committed to championing women-led entrepreneurship and fostering an environment where collaboration and resilience is celebrated every day.” – Erin Louw, Xena Founder

So, as we collaborate with Xena, we strive to make a significant impact on the South African SME landscape. By supporting and uplifting female entrepreneurs, we collectively contribute to a stronger economy and a brighter future for our country.

As part of the Retail Capital community, we encourage you to seize this opportunity and join Xena for FREE today! Together, let’s ignite the potential of female entrepreneurs, create lasting legacies, and inspire the women of tomorrow.