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Discover the power of AI with ChatSME, a game-changing AI language model for South African Small Business Owners. This AI tool has been trained for the unique SME landscape by learning from 12 years of local industry-specific content, curated from the various Retail Capital platforms and products. With local context and relevance ChatSME will provide you with business intelligence tailored to your unique needs.

Retail Capital is committed to growing the South African SME economy, by providing revolutionary fintech solutions to the market.

Introducing your very own AI-powered copilot for your business

It’s time to capitalise on these revolutionary AI tools to improve efficiencies within your business. Save countless hours researching your business growth strategies and tapping into years of industry knowledge right at your fingertips. Plus, rest assured that you’ll get local vetted answers to your queries unique to the South African market. What are you waiting for?

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ChatSME is a secure data model, where your data is secure, delivering personalised guidance and recommendations based on real-time data analysis, leveraging advanced AI and machine learning techniques.

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