Home office supplier?
Get the cash you need to grow your business

In a time where toddlers join our conference calls and cats sit in on virtual planning meetings, there’s no room for red tape and the T&Cs of traditional bank loans. Many South Africans now consider their home as their office (or do they consider their office their home?). Office supplies and educational equipment are essential but keeping up with the demand for stock often puts a strain on a small business’s cash flow. Access to working capital is one way to keep up with your competitors. Sound like a plan? So, while everyone from board members to teachers and students continue to rely on you, you can rely on us for business funding solutions that cover:

  • Stationery & accessories
  • Paper, printers, toners and ink cartridges
  • Desks, chairs, white boards & filing cabinets
  • IT, electronics & phones
  • Shipping costs

Do I qualify for Home Office Supplier Business Funding?

If you tick these 3 boxes, the answer is yes


R30k+ turnover per month

Trading History

Trade history of 3+ months


Business ownership of 6+ months

Manage your business funding requirements online

Introducing the Client Zone. A safe and secure online platform that’s accessible anytime, anywhere. The best part? If you create an account and apply for business funding, you could get the cash you need in 48 hours.

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We keep your data safe and protected using 128bit encryption.


Payment structures tailored to your business turnover and cash flow cycles.


Personalised service though our customer concierges, business consultants and Client Zone.


74% of the small businesses we fund are return customers.