Flexible Asset Finance Solutions

We’re in your corner to help you grow your small business With SME/SMME funding.

Owning a small business means making big moves which often come along with big price tags. Dipping into your working capital to get the equipment you need – new or used – can set you back. And those traditional lending institutions and their fine print? They just don’t seem to get it. As the backbone of our country’s economy we believe you deserve options. Not roadblocks.

At Retail Capital, we offer flexible Asset Finance solutions from 12 to up to 60 months, so you can get the assets you need without compromising your cash flow. Along with opening up additional credit lines, you can put your working capital to work and focus on what matters; business growth.

Who can qualify for Asset Finance?

If you're involved in one of these other industries.

Private Practice

Business ownership of 6+ months

Trading History

Business owners with trade history of 12+ months

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Final approval is subject to underwriting and credit checks

Easy Access to Asset Finances

  • Simple application process
  • Personalized service
  • Secured lending
  • Tax efficient structures
  • Fast turnaround times

Asset Finance & Tax Benefits

Whether you choose an Instalment Sale or an Operating Rental we can provide your
business with an off or on balance sheet tax efficient structure. This means:

You can claim
either the interest and depreciation allowances or the rental expense over the term of the agreement

You can claim the VAT upfront
or over the term of the agreement if you are registered for VAT

Choose Loan Term
You can choose the financing period

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Asset Finance for
the South African
Small Business

We’ve partnered with reputable suppliers and industry leaders to offer tailored solutions to more than
5000 professionals and businesses across South Africa.


Laptops, PCs, chips, wires or modems.


From equipment to upgrades to testing kits.


From security cameras to cash registers.


From the warehouse, to the uniforms you wear.

Printing & Packaging

Spools, reels, cartridges, polybags, boxing and more.


From solar panels to other smart e-solutions.