Are You Maximizing On Black Friday?

Retail Capital

As a business owner, Black Friday can seem daunting, time consuming and highly competitive but we see it as a unique opportunity for you to woo new customers and keep current ones loyal. We know that times are tough and that every margin is already cut to the bone. But…

At Retail Capital we believe that every business can score big by playing smart. With marketing and hashtags taken care of, here are some tips to consider:

01 / Buy in bulk, securing lower cost stock for Black Friday, the Festive Season and even the first few months of 2020

02 / Buying stock in bulk can also provide more room for special deals and better pricing

03 / Make sure your digital channels are primed for an increase in traffic. 60% of global purchasing takes place online as people are trying to avoid stampedes and buyers remorse when stocks just don’t last

04 / Make the in-store shopping experience as pleasant and convenient as possible. Shoppers will be particularly time sensitive on this day

05 / Offer a personal touch to outshine the competition. Knowing your customer gives you a competitive edge and can provide you with the insight you need to outplay the giants

06 / Make sure any logistics partners can manage the increase in demand and make sure to get your order in before suppliers run out


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