8 Reasons to Join the Retail Capital Tribe

Published: 11 November 2022

Why join the #RCTribe? Our core values, Authenticity, Pioneering, Caring, Connection and Adventure are what sets us apart. We’re not just another place to work. At Retail Capital, we live our values and continuously work to create an environment where employees can adapt, grow and perform. We look good from the outside but experiencing our culture is something even better. In our 100-Day Check-Ins with new employees, we always ask about their experience with our work environment, and in particular our culture. The common thread in all our feedback? It’s a workplace like no other, a place where they truly feel connected, supported and valued. 

1. Our Day-to-Day is Built on Flexibility and Understanding.

We operate in a fast-paced, high-performance, and pioneering environment. We believe that for creativity to flourish, we need to be flexible in our approach to business. And guess what? Those same beliefs are carried through in our flexible and innovative approach to managing employees. We know that personal life happens. So when you have an unexpected personal situation to address, we’ll support you and work around it with you.

2. We’re a People First Organisation.

This is a phrase you’ll hear often but one you’ll really feel and understand at Retail Capital. We know our most valuable asset is our people. We believe that the success and growth of every employee is vital to the success of the company, and that’s why leading with empathy and understanding is at the forefront of our company ethos. We make sure our employees are cared for, feel connected, and that their work experience is meaningful.

3. You Are Valued for Your Contributions and Your Efforts are Well Rewarded.

We love to celebrate your wins. We truly value the work of our tribe and love to recognise great performance. One of the ways we show our appreciation is with fair and competitive remuneration. Your work will be celebrated loudly in monthly town halls, newsletters, and awards evenings. 

4. Your Co-Workers are Simply the Best.

When joining Retail Capital you’re joining a tribe. To make sure you are fully supported and cared for, you’re assigned a buddy to walk your new starter journey with you. Your co-workers are also eager to welcome you, build lasting connections, and are readily available to share knowledge and information.

5. We Have Subsidised Meals, an Onsite Barista & Regular Desk Drops.

As a family, food is an important part of how we connect with each other. Our café food is subsidised and we love to show our employees how much we care with delicious treats like desk drops of chocolate chip cookies or burger day! 

6. We Host Awesome Events.

We love to celebrate our hard work and accomplishments. Every year we host a few incredibly special events to get together as a team, enjoy our achievements or work on team building.

7. We’ve Constantly Got an Activity or Game on the Run.

Adventurous in how we approach situations, and also in how we have fun. Whether murder mysteries, board games, PlayStation, meditation, foosball tournaments, outdoor club, running club or bingo is your thing, we’ve got it and more. Unwinding and enjoying our days together is important, so we’ve always got something on the go. 

8. No Day is the Same.

At Retail Capital, you will never be bored. With a pioneering attitude, there’s always a new challenge to solve or a new height to reach – with a supportive family cheering you on every step of the way. And when you want a break, our activities are sure to keep you entertained.