5 Tips To Crack Up Your Sales This Easter

Published: 19 March 2019

Marshmallow eggs, chocolate and Easter bunnies are lining the shelves. April is the month that celebrates a revival in almost every industry with long weekends wrapped in sun, sea and family dinners. With booked out B&B’s, long restaurant reservations lists and school holiday makers standing in lines at the destination retailers…most consumers are not only buying hot cross buns and other products and services are seeing an increase too.

Hunting for Easter goodies has no age restriction and often you find everyone getting swept up in the chocolate daze (maybe it’s just a sugar high). Find some tips below on how you can make the most of, an otherwise, slow season:


With most consumers still fairly price-sensitive after the December splurge, having online promotions with package deals is a great way to attract the attention of all shoppers and bring them back for more. Whether it is bundled decorations and treats, chocolate baskets with free delivery by the Easter bunny, or home improvement kits including free installation, everyone shifts the focus to some personal spoils and convenience purchases.


Early advertising for promotions or Easter deals can give you the competitive edge over those that will join the race later and play catch up on SEO rankings and preferred listings. The competition will be fierce so putting some extra money towards boosting your keywords will be well worth the investment.


Whether it is a chocolate facial, bunny-ear on a manicure or cinnamon and raisin flavoured ice-cream cone, getting into the spirit of things makes the experience memorable and ensures share-ability. Not only are customers likely to spread the word, it can also give you the opportunity to launch new products and offerings.


Launching a well-timed and thought out campaign can do your marketing for you, introducing your brand to new markets and customers. Whether you are hosting an event or sponsoring an initiative, through creating awareness you can give back to the community while showing your appreciation for your customers and their support.


Stocking up and preparing your business for the Easter trend means making the necessary investments in buying new products, training staff on new offers and campaigns, or introducing new services. Now is not the time to get rid of old stock or running an end-of-season sale. Consumers are eager to spend, but with plenty offers in the market, they are spoilt for choice and will only pay for quality.