Retail Capital aims to provide South African business owners with the opportunity to grow their business through access to funding.

With a national footprint, our core focus is the following key industry market segments:

Hardware & Building Materials

34 South.

“Retail Capital’s innovative model of providing access to capital finance is extremely valuable to the restaurant and retail industry in general and it has definitely helped our business in particular. Accessing capital efficiently, and rapidly, to promote growth, to upgrade operations, or simply to pre-purchase stock on a rising market has become almost impossible through traditional sources of finance.
How refreshing to discover a model that is workable, where the delivery is professional, the process seamless, the costs transparent, and that uses a methodology that is able to address seasonal cash flows.
At first we were slightly dubious, but having worked with Retail Capital for over a year we have come to appreciate the personalized service as well as their willingness and ability to tailor their programme to assist in addressing and resolving our specific needs. I have no hesitation in recommending Retail Capital to other business owners like myself.” – Leslie Peters.

Thomas Maxwell.

“Planning your growth in the restaurant industry is often difficult as traditional banks don’t really understand the business model and there is no real support for restaurant owners. With Retail Capital’s business cash advance, I was offered flexible and innovative finance to leverage off the success of my existing restaurant to help fund my new restaurant venture.” – Thomas Barker.

The Gas Shoppe.

“Your requirements for the application of a business cash advance are far less cumbersome than those of the large banks, who in my opinion are stifling growth opportunities in the small to medium business sector. It is impossible to have a meaningful discussion with decision makers in the large banks and this is something that I was able to do with Retail Capital. Your personal touch is great! Payments linked to business levels also assist with cash flow.” – Michael Oliver.

Foto Digital World.

“My overall experience of Retail Capital was great and they provided fast service and continued support.
The business cash advance product is very well received and a quick way to carry on with your business.
The business cash advance product has helped me to increase my buying power and get more sales.
Yes I would recommend the business cash advanced product as the red tape is not so much as the banks and their response is so much quicker.” – Wynand van Niekerk.

Our Clients