We partner with our customers, linking payments to business turnover so that they match the cash flow cycles of the business to ensure affordability.

Each advance is tailored to the specific needs of each business owner and all costs are fully transparent and are agreed up front.
  • Based on your business’s average card turnover, we calculate the advance that your business qualifies for.
  • We agree the total amount to be repaid and calculate this as a fixed percentage of your daily card turnover.
  • The advance is paid into your bank account for you to use in any way.
  • Each trading day, you pay-over the agreed percentage to us until the full amount is reached.

*Diagram is for illustrative purposes only. Daily payment method and costs are specifically tailored to each individual business.


Application Submission

One of our business consultants will personally assist you with all the necessary requirements, from completing your application form to helping you compile and submit all the relevant documentation.


Process Application

Our team will then review your application and advise the amount that you could receive as a cash advance.


5 Days or Less

Once the deal is approved the money will be transferred directly to your bank account.


Access to Funds

You can use the money in any way that benefits your business; we do not require any security or place any restrictions on the use of the funds.